Offer our Coffee

Do you want to give your customers a unique coffee experience? You have come to the right place.  Wether you are a retail shop, a cafe or a hotel, we can provide you with your tailored coffee needs.

Minimum order quantity

Minimum order for product in shop is 50 bags. For serving in hotels, resturants etc, min order is 10 kgs.

Roast on order

We roast on order to ensure only fresh coffee is delivered. For orders over 500 bags, please give us 2 weeks to prepare your order.

We deliver

We deliver all over Zambia. For international orders, please get in touch on mail.

Tailored to your needs

We roast and grind to your business needs. Whole beans or grinded, customized roasting profile and espresso blends.

Contact details

  • Company: Kachipapa Farming Enterprises Limited
  • Adress: Kasanka farmblock, Farm 10134, Serenje
  • Email:
  • Phone. +260 961348693

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